My Story

dental-implantsMy Life Before Dental Implants

  • In 2011, after ears of agony and several teeth breakages and the ultimate fear of not visiting a dentist, I had given up. But the extreme consistent pain I suffered every single day had led me to desperation. I had realized that if I wanted to continue my life as a normal person, I had to do something. I wanted to eat like normal people and never worry about hurting my teeth or about the excruciating pain that had become a major part of my life.
  • When things got really out of hand and I just wanted to give up on my life, my dear husband helped me back on my feet. He insisted that it was time for me to go for dental implants. Listening to what he had to say gave me hope and a reason to live once more. I immediately sat down on the computer and started searching for dentist who performed this surgery. I sent email to several of the dentists in hope to find out how much the surgery cost. I sent them all my previous records to help them figure out my problem.

Eventually I got email addresses and locations of decent dentists from the people who successfully went through the surgery. I finally came across a dentist who replied to my call with the answers I needed. This dentist not only told me there was hope for me, she also told me the estimated cost of my solution. I immediately went for counseling with the dentist and found out that I needed implants on both of my jaws.

Dental Implant Surgery Video

The Dental Implants Surgery And How It Was Done

The Assessment, Sedation And Implants Process

  • Before I could get implants, I had to go through an assessment appointment to check for my overall jaw health. The doctor performed a 360 degree scan of the head and I was told that my jaws and gums were in good health. The only problem I had was bad dentistry which simply ruined my teeth. After telling me about my jaws, the doctor started the sedation process and that’s where my memory stops. I remember waking up with my tongue checking the top and bottom jaws.
  • I had received 4 titanium plants in the lower jaw with plastic bridge and 6 titanium implants in the upper jaw with plastic denture. After the implants got installed, I was told by the dentist to expect a bit of bleeding. Since I couldn’t drive back home, the doctor had called my husband to help me out. I was also given a week worth supply of paracetamol to deal with any post surgery pain. I felt that my gums were soft and tasted a bit like bleeding, but thankfully there was no pain. When I got home I took a nap and the next morning I was surprised that there was no pain at all. I did have a little head ache and a stain on the pillow but everything else was just fine and I felt amazing. I was asked to return to the doctor after a week for follow up surgery.

Dental Implants: Stage Two

  • By the time I returned to the implant center, most of my gums had hardened and the pain had almost gone. I still did not have teeth in my implants so chewing some stuff was a bit of a problem. This next assignment was to see whether my implants could take on teeth. I was told to wait a few more weeks before the teeth could be installed.
  • I returned to the dentist after nearly four weeks of rest. By now all my pain had vanished and I was feeling great. In this appointment I was told that my implants were ready to take on teeth. She cleaned my implants and started screwing teeth on to the implants. Before the teeth were fitted, I was given an injection to paralyze my gum area because sometimes fitting a teeth can be tricky and even a single mistake can lead to a lot of pain. The dentist started screwing teeth to my upper jaw. The process was as smooth as any dental process can be. The teeth fitted in nicely without any pinches or problems.

Over the next few weeks the dentist fitted the teeth onto my implants one by one. I never felt uncomfortable and there never was any pain involved.

Dental Implants: The Final Stage

  • The final stage of the dental implant process was more of a checkup stage. After all my teeth were fitted, I was asked to return every six weeks to see how the implants were working for me. The dentist had also put me on a treatment process that involved taking some medications to stop any infections from happening. Fortunately most of my dental implants process was free from pain and other complexities.

Post Surgery: How Dental Implants Changed My Life

  •  Soon after the implants my life finally started returning to normal. There was no excruciating pain and I could finally sink my teeth on anything I wanted to without going through agony. I could finally drink hot coffee in the morning without receiving sharp pain and most of all; my lost smile had finally returned to me. This not only boosted my confidence, but also gave me a fresh new start with my life.

Getting dental implants is the best decision I made in my life. Just like you I fear going to a dentist, but sometimes you are left with no choice. If you are someone who can relate to my story, don’t lose hope and try to find a reliable dentist to get your implants done today.